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Sweet Protection Strutter 2019 – First Look

Here it is a Sweet Protection Strutter 2019. These things won’t be out until well into 2019 but we have one right here at Unsponsored to check out, wear, use and review with the help of North East Kayaks and Paddles.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

I haven’t seen anything other than a few photos of the updated 2019 range so I thought it would be good to give an overview of the 2019 Strutter right here.

The black box that all Sweet protection helmets are shipped in is gone. A new white box with the new graphics and cut away is now being used.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

The helmet comes supplied with its own storage bag in a very nice and shiny/stretchy white fabric. This is a move away from black and now matches the storage bag that ships with MTB helmets.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

I have owned and used every iteration of the Sweet Strutter since is first was released.The helmet as you can see is pretty much the same as the first LFT version released six years ago with the only true difference being the new Sweet Protection logo, which I quite like but looks a little too small for this helmet.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

The rear logo has also been updated but remains off centre.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

The Occigrip includes the harder red plastic parts as seen in updated versions of the Strutter over the last few years.There was some issues with the white/grey parts in some systems in the early days.

The helmet comes with two sets of pads. One pre fitted and thicker set in the bag. This particular helmet is a M/L and fits me in exactly the same way as the previous model. I sold my last Strutter a few months ago so am unable to do a side by side comparison at the moment. However, it looks the same and feels the same as the last one I had.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

The side information sticker can be removed (as can the LFT one). The carbon is visible below the outer shell and is designed to offer greater protection to the temple area. The chin strap is protected from the carbon by a strip of black trim.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.


  1. MapandPaddle

    New logo looks cheap, uninspiring and rather naff … also agree it visually looks too small on the helmet.

    • George Baldwin

      “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Shoulda left the logo alone.

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