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Conner Coffin discusses Surfer’s ear with Dr. Douglas Hetzler

Surfer’s ear can be an issue for anyone who is often in and around cold water. Not just surfers! I have been lucky enough not to have suffered from this debilitating condition but know many who have.

This video was produced by SurfEars, the brand behind the earplugs I am currently using when out on the water.

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Sweet Protection Bushwacker Helmet II – Review

We are big fans of Sweet Protection at Unsponsored and have been using their paddling and biking gear for years. We first got hold of a Sweet Protection Bushwacker mountain biking helmet way back in 2014.

Sweet Protection Bushwacker Helmet II - Review
Sweet Protection Bushwacker Helmet II – Review

Since then we have owned, used, crashed and written off several!

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Sweet Protection Strutter 2021

Designed in 1997 the Sweet Strutter has to be one of the most recognisable helmets in the paddlesport market place.

Gloss Chopper Orange

For this year we have the same design as last year but with a couple of new colours. RRP is £179.99.

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Sweet Protection Strutter 2019 – First Look

Here it is a Sweet Protection Strutter 2019. These things won’t be out until well into 2019 but we have one right here at Unsponsored to check out, wear, use and review with the help of North East Kayaks and Paddles.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

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Shuck Helmet From Palm Equipment

The Shuck helmet from Palm Equipment is now available. I got to try on a 3d printed prototype a few years ago and am looking forward to trying the real thing.

Shuck helmet from Palm Equipment

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WRSI Current Pro Helmet – First Look

Way back in 2006 WRSI was a new company and we had one of the first Current helmets off the production line. At that time Unsponsored was looking at importing the WRSI Current into Europe but it was not going to be viable at the time. We used the WRSI Current for a couple of years on and off before moving to another brand.

WRSI Current Pro Helmet - First Look

Move forward 12 years and we have the WRSI Current Pro helmet in for review.

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WRSI Helmets 2018

WRSI technology combines three-layer impact absorption, intentional outfitting design and a plush interior to deliver comfortable helmets that can take the hits. The multi-impact shell combined with an EVA foam liner and a polyurethane sub-shell effectively dissipate impacts.

WRSI Helmets 2018

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Palm Equipment Rash Guard – First Look

For me one of the best bits of kit to own for summer paddling has to be a rash guard. I have owned a few over the years and they form an important part of my gear line up. Rash guards can be worn on their own as an outer layer to ward off sun burn (UPF 50+ sun protection in this case) or worn as part of a layering system under a short sleeve dry top if it isn’t that warm.

Most of the rash guards available out there are from the world of surfing. There are a number of manufacturers from the paddling world who are producing rash guards with paddle sports in mind. The one shown here is from UK based company Palm Equipment.

Palm Equipment Rash Guard

If you are looking for your first rash guard or looking to replace and old one then the Palm Equipment Rash Guard is one that is worth considering and we have one in at Unsponsored HQ for review.

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Palm Straps – 2016

I am a big fan of the colour coded straps from Palm Equipment. Palm have upgraded the system for 2016 by incorporating a rubber cover onto the metal buckle.

Palm Straps 2016

The three colour codes still remain:

Red = 3.5m
Blue = 4.5m
Yellow = 5.5m

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NRS Velocity Watershoe

The NRS Velocity Watershoe


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Astral Socks

Astral have recently launch some socks to compliment their range of on/off water footwear. Pretty simple but the specs look good.

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Sweet Bushwacker Helmet – First Look

Just in for review is a big pile of Sweet Protection mountain biking kit including the new Bushwacker helmet.


Sweet uses the same computer technology used in its premium whitewater and snowsports helmets to produce the new Bushwacker. Superb protection cover and digitally modelled air flow has resulted in a very fine and uniquely designed helmet.

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