I managed to get hold of a Pyranha S6 200 a few weeks ago and manged to squeeze myself into it for a quick spin out on my local wave. I’m 6ft 1inch tall and managed to get in the boat with no hassle at all. The S6 comes in two flavours the 190 and 200 versions.


The outfitting will be familiar to anyone who has used any of the other boats in the recent Pyranha range. The quick and easy adjustment of the seat and thigh braces allow you to trim the S6 quickly and the now obligatory ratchet backrest make getting comfortable a breeze.

Pyranha S6 - Review


As a park n’ play boat the area in which the S6 excels is in the wave. There’s plenty of hull speed to get on those big water waves. The generous amount of rocker in the bow and stern allow this boat to spin and stay on the wave without digging in. In addition to its loose hull which provides great spins, and its ability to carve is superb, allowing you to control your speed and position on the wave. The pronounced rocker combined with the its short length makes the S6 feel quite bouncy on the wave but this is certainly not a negative point and takes little time to get used to. The deck of the boat has the Pyranha “power pockets” which are designed to help the paddler get airborne when going for a loop.

Pyranha S6 - Review

In summary I felt this boat has all the charateristics of a good boat, offering a balance of comfort and performance thus making it ideal as a park n’ play spud boat.