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Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top – First Look

It’s been some time since we last had a dry top from Peak UK at Unsponsored HQ.

Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top - First Look

This one is Peak UK’s best selling Deluxe dry top.

The Deluxe retails at £225.

This one is the updated 2016 version that includes new colours (black in this case)and graphics.

From purely an aesthetics point of view the Deluxe looks pretty good. But what do you get for your £225.

You get a well designed piece of gear that feels put together in such a way that it will hopefully last some time. The fabric feels pretty robust without being over the top.

The latex gaskets are well sized for the large top that I have in for review. As does the adjustable over gaskets used at the cuffs.

The Supersoft neo cone on the neck is a little on the large size for my 16″ neck but is comfortable and primarily design to offer protection for the inner latex gasket that is designed to do the hard work.

The taping as expected is neat and well thought out. The number of panels used is minimised, yet still allows for good articulation around the shoulders and arms.

The double waist has a good range of adjustment and is deep enough for a good jacket to spray skirt seal. Rubberised printed logos are in place and designed help hold the jacket in place against the spray skirt and body.

Any area that is double thickness, like the neck/shoulders also have plenty of sewn in drain holes.

If the rain Gods do their thing over the next few days we will have an initial first test review shortly.


  1. Kamron Hardacre

    Whare can i get this

  2. Glen Howe

    Where can I purchase the black Peak deluxe dry top cage. ?

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