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Nookie Turbo Jacket – Review

The Nookie Turbo jacket is designed to be a performance led premium whitewater kayak jacket utilising the same high quality materials as the Nookie Charger Drysuit. This thing is tough with double sals (neoprene outer/latex inner) on the neck and arms. What makes this jacket stand out is that it is also made at Nookie’s HQ here in the UK. There are very few UK based paddling firms that actually still make their gear in the UK. Top marks to Nookie.

Nookie Turbo Jacket - Review
Nookie Turbo Jacket – Nookie Turbo Jacket – Review
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Palm Zenith Dry Top 2017 – First Look

The Palm Zenith Dry top is a midweight whitewater jacket with a comfy GlideSkin neck (no latex)‚ made in XP 2.5-layer fabric. We’ve had the short sleeve version at Unsponsored HQ for some time and it’s our go to summer jacket. The long sleeve version shown landed last week, so we thought we would take a closer look.

Palm Zenith Dry Top - First Look

As you would expect the long sleeve Zenith Dry top is very similar in both fabric, cut and freedom of movement.

The Palm Zenith is available in a mens and ladies version. The Palm Zenith shown here is the mens version.

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Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top – First Look

It’s been some time since we last had a dry top from Peak UK at Unsponsored HQ.

Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top - First Look

This one is Peak UK’s best selling Deluxe dry top.

The Deluxe retails at £225.

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Peak UK Racer ST

A couple of weeks ago Peak UK announced their release of the new Racer ST line of PFD/Top Deck all in one combos. They have since released the following info and video. Check it out.

Peak UK Racer ST

The new Racer ST is a unique and ground breaking three-in-one garment that combines a paddling jacket with spray deck and buoyancy aid for the ultimate streamlined performance. The Racer ST holds around 30 percent of it’s flotation in its spraydeck, meaning now there’s less than 20mm of flotation foam on the athlete’s body.

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Peak UK Racer ST – First Look

Peak UK have launched their new Racer ST. This revolutionary garment was four years in development and collaboration between Peak UK, British Canoeing and the English Institute of Sport.

Peak UK Racer ST - First Look

The Racer ST combines a cag, deck and PFD into one single piece of gear. We’ve seen and used cag decks (top decks)from Peak UK in the past and they have been a firm favourite at Unsponsored HQ, but adding the PFD element takes this to a whole new level.

The PFD/Cag/Deck combo was used by Joe Clarke, David Florence & Richard Hounslow in Rio this year.

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Yak Riwaka Dry Top – First Look

The Yak Riwaka in a very loud GREEN has arrived at Unsponsored HQ. Now this is the third bit of gear from Yak that has landed here the HQ in as many weeks and once again Yak have made a really good impression (I need to find out who is designing this stuff!) – here’s why.

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Palm Equipment Atom Jacket

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 19.57.33

Palm Equipment’s product designer Barney Caulfield shows us the new Atom jacket at Paddle Expo 2014. A top of the range men’s and women’s paddle jacket in our new nanopourous XP3 Aero fabric. Available spring 2015. Continue reading

Immersion Research Short Sleeve Comp Cag

I have owned the Immersion Research short sleeve comp cag for years. It only sees the light of day when it warms up here in the UK. The cag is a short sleeved version of the Comp cag and shares all of its features with the exception of the obvious (long sleeves and latex cuff seals).

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Immersion Research Full Conditions Cag

You’ve probably read many cag reviews where the user has just recieved a spanking new cag, taken it off down to the water and had the driest/warmest kayaking experience ever!

Immersion Research Full Conditions Cag

Therefore I have waited a number of weeks and have paddled for many hours wearing the Immersion Research Full Conditions Cag and yes its been the driest/warmest kayaking experience ever! but seriously here’s what I think;

Construction is pretty good, evidence of this can be seen clearly when you check the inside of the cag out. The taping is a master piece, no skimping here. Nice wide tape well secured!

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