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Old School Series – Liquid Logic Big Wheel

The Liquid Logic Big Wheel belongs to the same family as the Liquid Logic Scooter.

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The Big Wheel is surprisingly fast for its size due to its relatively long water length. The boat will happily surf both small and large waves. On the wave it was really quick, and carved really fast from edge to edge, and zoomed into the trough, allowing me to do some really quick but big blunts. In a hole the Big Wheel feels very loose. Spins, cartwheels, and blunts are all very easy.

As a small/fun river runner the Big Wheel does really well. I’ve paddled mine throughout Europe on both low and high volume rivers up to and including grade IV water and it has been great.

unsponsored_bigwheel 2

Outfitting is solid and comfortable. The Immersion Research Flex Capacitor backband has to be one of the best on the market. Liquid Logics new foam footrest bag is great and works well. Foot room (even with UK size 10 feet) is good and I find the Big Wheel pretty comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

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    Hello, I am a beginner looking for a short kayak that I can transport in my car and use for tinkering around on rivers like the Thames and the Wey in Surrey or on lakes. Would the Big Wheel or Pop be suitable for me?

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