Things To Hang Off Your PFD

This post has been rattling round my head for the last few months as I have debated on whether to put it out. A conversation with a couple of fellow paddlers has prompted me to make the post.


First things first the risk of being snagged or caught up in a strainer or similar is something that all paddlers need to think about and although the risk is minimal the risk still exists. Any kit that you wear has the potential of being snagged and all steps should be made to keep loops of tape, laces etc tucked away and out of danger. However I sometimes find that it is necessary or advantageous to have some pieces of kit on the outside of my PFD rather than in a pocket. Continue reading Things To Hang Off Your PFD

NRS Crush Watershoe

The new Crush Watershoe from NRS are now available. This looks a pretty good piece of gear and will be worth checking out if you are in the market for a new pair of shoes and were considering a set of Astral Brewers for example.

We are looking at getting hold of a pair for review here at Unsponsored HQ.

600x300_Crush_2_23_2015 Continue reading NRS Crush Watershoe

Gene17Kayaking Norway Road Trip

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 22.30.49

Capturing the highlights of a Creeking Norway with Gene17Kayaking during a summer adventure. Travelling from Sjoa, through Rauma pass the Troll Wall to Valldal and back via Geiranger Fjord, this road trip takes in some of the best white water in Norway and tourist attractions of the west coast too. Continue reading Gene17Kayaking Norway Road Trip

GoPro Hero 4 Vs 3+ Vs 3 Comparison


The new GoPro Hero 4 was released on the 5th October 2014.

The new Hero 4 is available in two varieties the Black Edition and Silver Edition. The Hero 3+ Silver and Hero 3 White editions still form part of the range. A new lower spec Hero is also available.

The form factor of the Hero 4 remains the same as the 3 and 3+ with some slight alterations. This includes a change to the front LCD information screen that now houses the status and connection LEDs. The battery has also changed in both spec and shape! Continue reading GoPro Hero 4 Vs 3+ Vs 3 Comparison

Reader’s Rides 2015 – Tom Davies

Name: Tom Davies (


Location: Manchester

Origin Story:

I first started paddling when I was 10, in Newport, South Wales.


I kind of fell out of love with the sport for a bit, until I went to University in 2012, and joined Manchester University Canoe Club. Since then, I’ve rapidly grown from a full time student into a full time kayaker. I try and get away to a river every weekend, and sometimes I succeed. Continue reading Reader’s Rides 2015 – Tom Davies

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