2014 Compilation – Carson Lindsay

A great edit from Carson Lindsay. It looks like 2014 was a great one.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 22.44.00

This little video is a showcase of some of my favorite moments of kayaking from 2014. The majority of the video was shot in Chile and Argentina, with a little bit of California spice at the end. A huge cheers to everyone who made this year possible and to everyone who contributed footage for the video! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!! Continue reading 2014 Compilation – Carson Lindsay

Rockem Sockem Spotlight

Leif creates some really nice edits and this one is no exception.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 22.42.13

Rockem Sockem is the name of a rapid and a wave on the Slave river. The wave is good at low water (about 3400-3500 cms) which is usually in the fall. It’s a very dynamic and steep wave, offering some good air. The good pocket of the wave is accessed by surfing through the “penalty box” (or by hiking and dropping in from above). The penalty box is a vicious little pocket of a hole that dishes out some beatings (see this video vimeo.com/112213319 for solid penalty box time), but surfing the main wave makes it all worthwhile. Continue reading Rockem Sockem Spotlight

East Africa Kayaking

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 21.49.37

This is a video showing the adventures of a group of kayakers exploring the rivers of Central and Western Kenya.

Unfortunately the short rains (October too December) where not the best and we where not able to do as much as we hoped but we still had some great times. Continue reading East Africa Kayaking

Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 – Review

I’ve been using a Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 for the last few months after getting hold of one of the first cases to land in the UK.


The Dashpoint range is offered in a number of different sizes that will accommodate GoPros as well as other action cameras, with enough room for associated cables etc. Continue reading Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 – Review

Giottos Vitruvian Tripod – Review

For a number of years I have managed perfectly without the need of a tripod for my camera work. I say managed as I never really had seen a need for a tripod when my arms work just fine. However after trying a number of tripods and settling on the Giottos I can now appreciate that a tripod has a home within my kayaking camera kit.


I wanted a system that was light, could handle getting wet and would be a sound investment. After much reading I settled on the Giottos Vitruvian carbon tripod with the MH5400 head and MH652 quick release plate. Continue reading Giottos Vitruvian Tripod – Review

Scotland – Spean and Garry

There has been a serious amount of rain over the last few days here in the UK, with many rivers being listed as huge on one of the river level sites. Bastien’s edit shows us what the water levels have been like further up north from Unsponsored HQ.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 12.38.01

On a wild snowy and windy winter day, we went paddling the Upper Spean river on 6 and plus pipes then a massive River Garry. I can’t thank enough my poggies. It was a good day. Continue reading Scotland – Spean and Garry

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