Dagger RPM Max – Contour Ergo Outfitting Upgrade


Pat Keller has kindly agreed to share his Dagger RPM Max upgrade on Unsponsored. Pat has taken the standard RPM Max shell and added one of Daggers new Contour Ergo outfitting systems.

The seat swap was pretty self explanatory (a few bolts and a bit of man handling to get it in), but it’ll be best to use the plates that come with the creek seat than just washers.

10258091_624823407597827_1406999935512922116_o Continue reading

Team Pyranha – ‘Merica 2013

Team Pyranha ‘Merica 2013 from Paul Butler on Vimeo.

A look over what Team Pyranha North ‘Merica has been up to for the past year. Join us on a look over North ‘Merica’s great whitewater, South ‘Merican stouts and a stint in Russia. So strap down to that desk chair or couch, turn up the tunes and take it all in, because we’re all Demshitz.

Whitewater Chronicles – Teaser Episode III

Whitewater Chronicles – teaser episode III from Intrinsic Motion on Vimeo.

Nouria Newman and Mariann Saether headed to Uganda for surfing big waves, punching some big holes and to soak up the sun.. This is the teaser for episode III of Whitewater Chronicles on Epic TV to drop soooooon….. Continue reading

Astral Moving Away From Stealth Rubber

Since 5:10 (Five Ten) were bought out by Adidas the ability of other brands to use 5:10′s world famous stealth rubber on their own footwear designs has ceased to exist. Astral have therefore decided to use the G.14 rubber compound.



Real world feedback is suggesting that this compound is as good if not better than stealth rubber.

Dagger Katana 10.4 Review

A really nice review on the Dagger Katana.

Dagger Katana 10.4 Review (Crossover Kayak) from Fluid Glass Productions on Vimeo.

A review of the Dagger Katana 10.4 based on my experience with it during a 27-day solo descent of the Grand Canyon in January 2014. It exceeded my expectations in whitewater, and had plenty of capacity to store gear and food with only one resupply. Thanks to CKS for making a model available for me to review before the trip. Continue reading


Viamala from Oscar Mcburney on Vimeo.

With its beautiful turquoise water and 200+ foot cliffs, the Viamala, rätoromanisch for “treacherous path” is a true gem in Swiss whitewater. Through its general absence of water throughout the year due to a dam directly at the put-in to the classic lower section, this river is a true delight no matter what the water level. With clean lines through deep boulder gardens and stunning scenery this really is the place to be when it is running.

Short Stories From Russia – Part 4

Short stories from Russia, part 4 from Benjamin Hjort on Vimeo.

Summer of 2013 a international team of paddlers went to Russia to paddle some of the classic rivers in the Altai region. After a long drive they started of with a rough start next to the border of Mongolia. Body Frieser tell in this part how you should clean the car before you go kayaking. Continue reading