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Watershed Futa Kayak Dry Bag – Review

I have been wanting to get hold of a new dry bag to carry gear in the back of my kayak for a forthcoming trip this summer. I have used loads of bags in the past but have always had to double bag gear as the roll top systems deployed on must bags will fail at some point . Usually in my case this has been due to user error!

Watershed Futa Kayak Dry Bag - Review

So I needed a bag that would be easy to store, would seal well and fit the back of my kayak really well.

First up is the Watershed Futa Stowfloat, kayak dry bag. This is a drybag/airbag combo designed to store gear and provide flotation in the back of a kayak.

Now all of the Watershed gear that I have ordered in is black. That is a personal preference. The Watershed Futa Stowfloat is available in Black, Blue, Coyote (Brown) and Orange.

You are looking at around £100 (Sterling) for this single bag. So what do you get?

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Save The Blue Heart

The Balkan river systems is Europe’s true freshwater biodiversity hotspot. There are 69 fish species endemic to the area and over 40% of all Europe’s endangered freshwater mollusc species can be found in a Balkan river.

Save The Blue Heart

This paradise is under threat, these last great free flowing rivers of Europe will be lost in our lifetime unless we act.

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Movie Monday 19 March 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday 19 March 2018 here at Unsponsored.

Movie Monday 19 March 2018

We have a great selection of edits to distract you away from the start of the working week.

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2018 Hurley Classic Freestyle And Inter Services Championships – LIVE

Right here right now – 2018 Hurley Classic Freestyle And Inter Services Championships.

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WRSI Current Pro Helmet – First Look

Way back in 2006 WRSI was a new company and we had one of the first Current helmets off the production line. At that time Unsponsored was looking at importing the WRSI Current into Europe but it was not going to be viable at the time. We used the WRSI Current for a couple of years on and off before moving to another brand.

WRSI Current Pro Helmet - First Look

Move forward 12 years and we have the WRSI Current Pro helmet in for review.

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Social Media Saturday – 17 March 2018

Here we are with another Social Media Saturday with 3 (because WordPress can’t handle more) Instagram posts from this week.

Thank you playboating🙏🏼 #beater #fastrolling #tonyhawk

A post shared by Alec Voorhees (@alecvoorheeskayak) on

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2018 Hurley Classic Live Feed

The 2018 Hurley Classic starts tomorrow. A live feed is available for the flood lit final.

2018 Hurley Classic

1930 – 2030 (GMT) Saturday 17 March 2018.


Prijon 2B – More Images

Prijon have recently released some images of the new Prijon 2B Duo/Tandem kayak. As with all Prijon kayaks the 2B is blow moulded and starts life as a tube.

Prijon 2B

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New Palm Equipment PFD

When I first saw Paul’s photo (below) I initially thought that the PFD looked like a FX or FX R in a funky new colour. But there is clearly a different zip and an additional zipped side pocket.

New Palm Equipment PFD

The jacket looks new as well!

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NRS Zen Rescue PFD 2018

The NRS Zen Rescue PFD is a low-profile rescue jacket with all the features essential to assist guides and experienced paddlers in a swiftwater rescue situation. Modeled after the popular NRS Ninja PFD, the low-profile design of the Zen allows unrestricted range of motion.

NRS Zen Rescue PFD

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Prijon 2B – Duo Kayak

We’ve had a few details sent through to Unsponsored about the new Prijon 2B kayak and have even seen a mini printed model. So if you are after a Duo or Tandem whitewater kayak you now have a little bit more choice.

Prijon 2B - Duo Kayak

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Spade Kayaks – Royal Flush More Detail

Spade Kayaks have recently released more images and specifications of the new Royal Flush. Check them out.

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

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