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Schlegel Topline Paddle

The Schlegel Topline paddle was probably THE paddle of the late eighties – mid nineties. Tough, hardwearing and almost indestructible. The Topline came in a number of flavours but the most distinctive was the River Safety edition. They have one blade painted neon pink and the other neon green/yellow for signalling on the river!

Schlegel Topline Paddle
Schlegel Topline Paddle

Schlegels classic model has dominated the rivers of our planet for more than 10 years. Now improved with the very latest materials: fibre-reinforced, high-density foam for stiffer blades, aluminium protective insert around the edge of the blade. In addition there is the comfort of soft foam hand grips which minimise heat loss to the hands whilst increasing grip control. The blade is reinforced by the shaft running along almost its entire length, allowing the most powerful paddlestrokes in the toughest white water.

I picked up a left handed set of Topline Tech III back in the early 1990s and despite being hammered every weekend for 8 years still looks pretty good today. The only real limiting factor is that the paddle is really stiff as the aluminium shaft extends to almost the tip of each place.In addition being set at 90 degrees means that they really hammer your wrist joints. However, I have been planning for some time to split the paddle and rejoin them at a more comfortable 35 degrees.

The foam grips on the shaft is very effective and reduces the chances of the paddle slipping from your hands as well as being very comfortable to use on cold days out on the water.

In terms of design the Topline is no longer at the cutting edge and most paddlers seem to prefer going for a set of Werner paddles as a first choice. Toplines do come up on the forums now and again and are well worth picking up to use as your everyday paddle or to split and make up in to spares.


  1. Andy

    Love my top line ,have had it for over 20 years now.was looking at getting another one from any where as a spare, though my paddle shows no signs of giving up the ghost just yet. I’m the one getting older , my paddle never does.use it in rivers and surf. Any hints on where I could get another one

    • paul

      Yes i have a practically new paddle sitting in my spare room.located in ireland.

      • martin kielly

        did you sell your paddle??

    • Chris

      I have a paddle if interested. Im in tennessee

  2. rob

    Where can I sell a schlegel topline safety colour t60 extreme w-water

    • martin kielly

      I will buy if not sold yet.

  3. Mike Breslin

    I am after a Shlegel Topline paddle as well. Right handed and around 200.

  4. martin kielly

    I am looking to buy a schlegel topline extreme paddle.

  5. Kyle

    If anyone has a river safety edition (pink/green blades) they would sell please get in touch. I would love to have one of these paddles again. I am just getting back into paddling again and have a bit of nostalgia for one of these paddles



    • Dave

      Did you ever get hold of one (only just seen this post)? I have one for sale.

      • Kyle

        Wow thanks buddy. I did get one in the end. It’s almost brand new. Looks like the day it came out of the factory

        Thanks for the post though 🙂

      • martin kielly

        yes I did manage to get the paddle I wanted thanks.

  6. John

    Putting one on eBay now if anyone still interested!

  7. Fubar

    I have one looking for a home. Dorset.

    • jeffrey griffiths

      Do you still have it, or does anyone have one

      • Ian Jackson

        I have a t60 with soft grips for sale.It hasn’t really been used a lot and is in great condition.

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