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Peak Eco

Peak Eco
Peak Eco

For 2020 we are proud to announce Peak Eco. All of our new whitewater and touring jackets are made from fabrics containing recycled plastic. We also no longer use plastic packaging and our milk comes in glass bottles!!

Peak UK
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Peak UK Throwline 15m – First Look

The PEAKUK throwline comes in 15m, 20m or 25m lengths.  The one we have here is the smallest 15m version.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

The throwline comes equipped with 15m of 9.5mm floating rope. Compared to the 18m of 7.5mm rope used in the HF weasel and 18m of 8mm line used within the Palm Equipment Lightning throw bags.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look
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Ladakh River Festival

The Ladakh River Festival takes place on the Indus River (India) on August 19 to 20th 2017. This is the worlds highest kayaking competition.

Ladakh River Festival

Here in Ladakh we have amazing, world class whitewater kayaking – big rivers, huge rapids, cold water and all in an environment like nowhere else in the world.

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Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top – First Look

It’s been some time since we last had a dry top from Peak UK at Unsponsored HQ.

Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top - First Look

This one is Peak UK’s best selling Deluxe dry top.

The Deluxe retails at £225.

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Peak UK Tecwik Short – Custom

PeakUK are currently creating a custom Peak UK Tecwik short rashy for Unsponsored.

It will look a little bit like this –

Peak UK Tecwik Short - Custom

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Zambezi Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 22.26.45

Another Peak UK event classic. A few familiar faces in this one. How many can you spot?

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Peak UK – idiot5

Peak UK are celebrating 25 years in the business. To commemorate 25 exceptional years Peak UK has released some highlights from idiot5. idiot and idiot5 were massive when they were first released (on VHS tape?) many years ago. Well before the GoPro arrived on the scene. Check out the highlights from 25 years.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 19.51.22

Great people, great designs and great gear. I raise my glass to Pete and the team. Well done!

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PeakUK Deluxe One Piece Drysuit – First Look

The PeakUK guys have released a couple of new dry suits. They have retained the zipped leg system within the range but have also introduced a pair of Dry Suits with a rear shoulder entry zip. This one being the Deluxe One Piece Drysuit.

PeakUK Deluxe One Piece Drysuit - First Look

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PeakUK Kidz Zip – First Look

The newest member to Team Unsponsored is at the age where she is ready to hit the water. With that in mind Unsponsored will be seeing a few more small person gear reviews over the next few months/years.

PeakUK Kidz Zip

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Peak UK Custom Drysuit – Review

I have now been using a Peak UK Custom drysuit for about 6 months on rivers and for playboating and I have been very pleased with it. Not only is the drysuit really good quality but the ability to have your own customised design incorporated really well into it makes for a winning combination.

unsponsored_PeakUK_Custom (3)

One of the key features about this drysuit is that it is made out of their X3 material not the X4 that some of Peak’s other kit is made out of. Now this comes with a selection of pros and cons that will depend really on what the individual paddler would want from their suit. Trying on the Peak whitewater one piece in the shop, the X4 material felt quite heavy to wear although I don’t imagine this would greatly affect movement on the water too much. The custom suit with the X3 however feels much lighter.

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id10t5 – The Sequel

id10t5 - The Sequel

Part two of team Peak UK’s epic search for the ultimate paddling location. With amazing soundtrack by Burdock!! Enjoy… and yes, “it’s not as good as Hurley!!”

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PeakUK New PFD Range

PeakUK have stepped up the game with a complete redesign/update of their PFD range.

River Guide Vest:

New materials, a better cut and fit are combined into a very smart looking River Guide Vest (£139).

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