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HF Weasel Throwbag – Review

The HF Weasel is HF’s smallest and most compact throw bag. If space within your boat is at a premium then this bag may be the one for you. The Weasel fits even in the smallest kayak or can be fixed and carried on a waist belt (HF Swifty Belt).

If a throw bag is needed in a emergency you probably won’t have any time for a second go! Therefore the most important factors when using a throwbag is how well it throws, and how easy it is to get the bag to land on target. In both cases the HF Weasel fits the bill. I found the bag easy to throw both under and over arm. The rope pays out nicely during a throw and is also easy to repack if you do need (or have time) to have a second go.

HF Weasel Throwbag - Review

As yet the HF Weasel has only been carried in the bungee cord on my Liquid Logic seat, but I am keen to get hold of a belt system to wear it around the waist. Experience has taught me that the times I need a throw bag tend to be the times when my boat has gone on a solo mission after a wet exit.

Throwline2 from Unsponsored on Vimeo.

Available in the classic colour combination of red-yellow or in high contrast black-yellow (not sure about that combo as it seems little counter-intuitive).


• Extra small, light weight, highly functional and good-value-for money
• System straps (for use in conjunction with throwbag belt)
• High visibility webbing band
• Specifications and labelling area printed on base (with a nice place for your name!)
• Padded bottom loop
• D-Ring fixing point
• Cone shaped bag with extra wide opening, for accurate throws and easy repacking
• Maximum grip material
• Push button fastener

*Rope type: 7.5 mm core mantle
*Rope length: 18 m
*Rope breaking load/ Tensile strength: 840 daN
*Height: 32 cm

I have modified all of my throw lines so they operate on clean rope principals.


  1. Steve Wittwer

    Great post and right to the point. Thanks 🙂

  2. John S

    gday admin discovered your blog via yahoo. Great find

  3. Cathal Ferris

    Having been on the receiving end of a HF Weasel throwrope on the Egua recently – I have to say that it was not at all a good rope to use in an actual rescue. The rope is quite thin, and it stretches quite a bit under tension! My rescue situation involved my having to hold on to the rope for a few minutes as my rescuer didn’t have the strength to pull me up, nor was I able to get enough grip (from either the rope or the polished rocks) to pull myself up. Both myself and my rescuer found the rope remarkably difficult to keep a hold of in this situation, and we were both less than 30 seconds from having grip failure due to the narrowness of the rope in use. For sure the rope was an easy throw but it wasn’t an easy hold.

    The Weasel is a good secondary rope, but my advice is to use other larger ropes as primary ropes. My personal favourite is the Palm Bullet – still easy to pack and I haven’t missed a throw with it.

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