The PEAKUK throwline comes in 15m, 20m or 25m lengths.  The one we have here is the smallest 15m version.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

The throwline comes equipped with 15m of 9.5mm floating rope. Compared to the 18m of 7.5mm rope used in the HF weasel and 18m of 8mm line used within the Palm Equipment Lightning throw bags.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

So although it is very slightly shorter the thicker rope means that the system is much easier to handle when under load.

Taken the rope into account the size of the PEAKUK throw bag is much bigger than the HF and Palm Equipment bags. The relative sizes of each of the bags can be seen in the images.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

The bag comes supplied clean, i.e. the rope comes supplied with no loops, plastics tubing or knots that sit outside of the bag. 

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

The rope runs into the bag and attached to a marine grade stainless steel ring similar to those found on the back of PFDs and as part of cowtail setups.  The rope is threaded through the ring and is secured with a figure eight knot.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

The use of the ring was first seen in PEAKUK’s Bull bag from a few years ago, so it’s great that it now features in the latest line-up.  

The use of the steel ring is both low profile and super easy to clip into if/when required. The image below shows the excellent Petzl Vertigo carabiner.

The bag comes with a long sleeve that allows the bag to be fastened to a belt for wearing around the waist.  

This is probably the best version of this system out there.  It does take a little longer to thread through than say the HF Weasel or the Palm series of throw bags but it really helps the bag sit well against the body.  I have tried the bag with the most popular rescue belts available and it works perfectly. 


  • Marine grade stainless steel ring that’s easy to tie and clip into, eliminating any nylon on nylon friction 
  • Unique ring design throwline with full length webbing reinforcing 
  • Made from tough 600d polyester ripstop and nylon shell with a buoyant foam insert
  • Quick draining and drying slotted base
  • Contains a 9.5mm floating polypropylene rope, tested to EN1891with breaking strength of: > 700kg with knot >1100kg without knot
  • Reflective piping for night use, stiffened wide opening for easy packing
  • Easy and tidy cam buckle open / closure system
  • Comfortable handle for packing and throwing