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Sweet Bushwacker Helmet – First Look

Just in for review is a big pile of Sweet Protection mountain biking kit including the new Bushwacker helmet.


Sweet uses the same computer technology used in its premium whitewater and snowsports helmets to produce the new Bushwacker. Superb protection cover and digitally modelled air flow has resulted in a very fine and uniquely designed helmet.


5-Piece Shell Construction

The unique 5-piece in-mold shell construction compensates for the inherent weakness of your skull. The different polycarbonate outer shells are made in variable thicknesses and geometrical shapes to optimize the protective performance. In fact, the shell is up to 30% thicker in the critical areas where you need it the most.

unsponsored_sweet_bushwacker1 (1)

DOV – Digitally Optimized Ventilation

Extensive digital simulations and field tests have been performed to optimize airflow and heat extraction. As a result, the Bushwhacker has 17 direct air vents: 5 deep internal airflow inlets, 8 direct outlets and 4 vertical extract vents to provide efficient cooling. The vents and channels are strategically placed to optimize the ventilation effect without compromising the helmet’s protective performance.


Cranial Coverage, Fit and Weight

The Bushwhacker provides extended cranial coverage, ensuring maximum protection. The Occigrip system is 4-way adjustable for reach and height, allowing for a personalized fit. With all of these benefits, the Bushwhacker weighs only 320g in size M/L (360g in Carbon MIPS).


First impressions are good. The Bushwacker (M/L) fits me well. I wear the same size Strutter helmet for kayaking and the sizing is definitely comparative. The helmet is supplied with two sets of pads of differing thinknesses so the fit can be fine tuned slightly. However with the thinnest pads already fitted the helmet was spot on from the box.



Sweet have used their Occi-Grip technology on the Bushwacker. This adjustable strap system helps lock the helmet in place and provides a really comfortable/secure fit. I’m looking forward to giving this a good test as my main MTB helmet over the next few months.

Sweet Protection Bushwhacker teaser from Sweet Protection on Vimeo.


  1. Daniel Jones

    Looks similar to my Giro Feature, it’s a good helmet shape and offers nice protection, plus it looks like the bars across the top and the sides could accommodate a GoPro mount, always a nice feature on helmets with lots of vents. Any idea of how much Sweet are selling it for?

    • Unsponsored

      It would be tight for a GP mount. Just measured it and it would be 8mm short. It would go though, but you’d have to removed some of the foam self adhesive on the mount so your hair wouldn’t be stuck to it.

      RRP is £139.99

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