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Sweet Protection 2024

Sweet Protection have updated there colours for 2024. Some of the old favourites still exist and will be joined by a number of new colours. Some of these are specific to a particular helmet style.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2024
Sweet Protection Wanderer 2024
Sweet Protection Wanderer 2024
Sweet Protection Rocker 2024
Sweet Protection Rocker 2024

What colour would you be going for? Gloss Panther (purple), Gloss Shamrock (green – Wanderer and Rocker only), Dirt Black, Gloss White, Gloss Poppy Red or Neon Blue.

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  1. Kai Heltola

    Sad to say. My last Sweet Strutter lasted about 2 years. After that the Occigrip in the neck started to crack like some thin glass. I wrote to Sweet protection about that, and got an answer: My fault. I have let my helmet dry in sunlight. Their helmets do not stand direct sunlight. Sad. I shall never again buy a helmet that is only allowed to be used when it rains.

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