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MYOG – Pertex Hammock

Hammocks have got to be one of the most comfortable ways of spending night out on the trail. I own a number of hammocks from the very simple to the very complex. Around a year ago I decided to make my own.

Pertex Hammock
MYOG – Pertex Hammock

I’m 6ft 1″ tall and decided to use 3.5m of olive green Pertex 4, (although it looks brown!). This made the Pertex Hammock 3.5m x 1.5m as a roll of cloth is usually 1.5m wide.

Pertex can be quite expensive, I have found eBay to be the best place to get hold of some relatively cheaply.

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Ninja Plastic Welding

Corran Addison has some serious Ninja Plastic Welding skills. Here is what he did to a Soul Main Squeeze. A very impressive cut and shut.

Ninja Plastic Welding skills

One of my favorite boats of all time is the Dragorossi Squashtail. But it has some issues. First off – footroom. Ouch.

Ninja Plastic Welding skills

That inside rail is just in the wrong place and hurts like hell. Then the knees are too low, and the concave sidewall while awesome on a glassy wave, is hell on anything bouncy and bubbly.

So I took a Main Squeeze that didn’t mold properly, and turned it into a new squashtail!!! I cut 5.5″ off the tail, and then pushed the tail volume considerably before welding it up.

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Don’t Leave Home Without It

Don’t Leave Home Without It – that is your breakdown (split) paddle.

Don't Leave Home Without It

Chris Wing from H20 Dreams shows us a great way to store your breakdown paddle system within your kayak. It’s pretty neat.

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Dagger RPM Max Contour Outfitting

Some time ago we posted detail of a Contour outfitting modification that Pat Keller had carried out on a Dagger RPM. It looked pretty sweet. However Philip Middleton has gone one step further and not only has he fitted the seat and thigh braces but has also retrofitted the step out pillar and footrests. So this RPM Max now has a complete set of Contour outfitting installed.

Dagger RPM Max Contour Outfitting
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Fall Line Canoes – Welding Magic


Take a Dagger Nomad hull, a Pyranha Burn’s side walls and a Zet Director deck and mix in some welding magic and you get something like this.

Fall Line Canoes have created this superb OC1 using a Nomad, Burn and Director. Simply awesome.

If you haven’t heard of Fall Line Canoes please check them out, they make the best canoe airbags available.

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Liquidriot Duo Kayak – The Build

The Liquidriot Duo kayak seen in a previous post was photographed a few days ago. In the three days following the original post over 12k people have viewed it, which is quite simply incredible.

Liquidriot Duo Kayak(3)

The Duo was hand crafted by Newcastle Uni paddlers – Jacob Collings, Matt Rose, Catherine Sanderson, and Angus Mackay. The guys behind the kayak have kindly sent some images of their creation being put together.

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Alcohol Stoves

Alcohol stoves are great little bits of kit. I own a couple of Whitebox stoves that I purchased online and love them. The following set of instructions were taken from a post that was made on one of my other sites. It’s a great DIY guide on making an alcohol stove using an air freshener can. The whole process involves using a pressurised container and tools that could serious hurt or kill you. Attempt at your now risk neither this site, myself or the original author accept no responsibility if you were to hurt yourself (or worse) making/using a stove based on the one shown below.

WARNING … ensure pressurised can is COMPLETELY EMPTY and COMPLETELY DEPRESSURISED before starting !!!!

Alcohol Stoves
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Silnylon Tarp

Silnylon is a super lightweight fabric that is used for many things including tarps and stuff sacks. The Silnylon Tarp shown here was created using a pretty standard home sewing machine. It can be a little tricky to sew as the fabric is impregnated with silicone which is fairly slippy.

However with a little patience you can produce some pretty nice kit. One of the hardest parts is actually getting hold of the material. In the UK this isn’t easy but many of the US suppliers will happily send fabric out.

unsponsored_tarp 1

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Stuff Sack Action

A few shots of some of my DIY Stuff Sacks.

The spinnaker stuff sacks weigh well under 5g each.


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Spinnaker Tarp

This is one of the tarps I have made using superlight spinnaker material. I managed to get an end of a roll of fabric that would have cost over £70 per metre.

The choice of colour makes this a really light and airy spinnaker tarp.

Spinnaker Tarp

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MYOG – Split Paddles Part I

If you ever need to call upon the set of spare (split) paddles stored in the back of your kayak the chances are that it must have got a bit fierce for you to lose/damage your normal set. If that is the case your spare set must me up to the job. Having an inferior set of spare paddles may not be the best idea. However shelling out hundreds of £’s on a fancy set of splits is quite painful on your wallet. Now and again you can find split paddles on ebay.

A couple of months ago I started a search for a suitable paddle to modify into a set of splits. The tools for the job were assembled. 1 x saw, 1 x tube clamp/cut guide, 1 x tape measure, 1 x Vernier gauge (everyone should have one these!).

MYOG - Split Paddles Part I

Today I spent a few minutes taking the care of creating my own spare set of paddles. This started by cutting a perfectly good set of Werner Wenatchee in half. The Wenatchee design is a superb symmetrical blade made by Werner in the late 90’s/early 00’s. This set cost £40 a few weeks ago.

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I thought I’d just post a few images of some of the MYOG (Make Your Own Gear) kit that I have made so far this year. My most recently made Pertex hammock still needs a photoshoot.

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