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Dagger RPM Max Contour Outfitting

Some time ago we posted detail of a Contour outfitting modification that Pat Keller had carried out on a Dagger RPM. It looked pretty sweet. However Philip Middleton has gone one step further and not only has he fitted the seat and thigh braces but has also retrofitted the step out pillar and footrests. So this RPM Max now has a complete set of Contour outfitting installed.

Dagger RPM Max Contour Outfitting

If you look at the second photo there is a join between the lower and upper parts of the step out pillar. I drilled out the four rivets, then cut the one piece down about an inch before re-screwing at the shortened height.

Dagger RPM Max Contour Outfitting

Last picture shows the two new bolts in the top of the deck where the top of the step out pillar is secured. As there is no indent like on a Dagger Nomad or Dagger Mamba, I just needed to find longer bolts.


Last picture also shows the extra bolts for the front of the thigh braces, just under the cockpit rim. These can catch a bit on a skirt with a thick rand.


  1. Rubble

    Nice. Thinking of doing this, perhaps to an infrared. Where can you get gold of a contour outfitting? All i can find on the web is the seat padding, not the actual seat or step out pillars. Thanks

  2. Dylan Howze

    Hey! Looking for a new set of contour outfitting for my rpm max. Where did you find it or where might I find it. Thanks big for the help

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