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Dagger Code Vs Mamba

The Mamba has been around since 2005 with a major revamp in 2012. The Code is Dagger’s newest kayak and has been designed to take the place of the Mamba in the line up.

Dagger Code
Dagger Mamba

In following table I have listed the three main sizes of the kayaks and matched although some of the dimensions of a say a middle of the size range Mamba could also be easily compared against the smallest Code.

Dagger Code
Dagger Mamba

Other than some of the dimensions the biggest difference between the Code and Mamba is that bow rocker.As yet I haven’t seen any shots of the hull of the Code.


Code (Small)Mamba (7.6)
Length (cm)245231
Width (cm)6665
Weight (kg)2020
Paddler Weight
(Max kg)
Volume (L)?242
Dagger Code Vs Mamba
Code (Medium)Mamba (8.1)
Length (cm)267246
Width (cm)6868
Weight (kg)2221
Paddler Weight
(Max kg)
Volume (L)?292
Dagger Code Vs Mamba
Code (Large)Mamba (8.6)
Length (cm)279259
Width (cm)7070
Weight (kg)2423
Paddler Weight
(Max kg)
Volume (L)?337
Dagger Code Vs Mamba

What do you think? Let us know via the comments section below.


  1. Daniel Gough

    I found the problem with the mamba was it was a bit too wide. This made it stable but caused it to be a slow and less nimble. As someone that paddled a mamba for want years to improve the design I would make the hull 5-7cm narrower with more bow rocker

  2. Harry Fettes

    I’ve had 8.1 & 8.6 Mambas and now paddle a Phantom. They are all great boats. I couldn’t decide between the Mambas. At 90kg I was a little heavy for the 8.1 but liked the narrower hull faster edge to edge and easy to roll but ultimately found its short length disconcerting in bigger water ( just too adjusted to 9′ boats). The 8.6 was big on me so I used sweet cheeks on top of the creek seat. It was still stable but easier to move around. A bomber ride in big water. I love the Phantom. Has the width of the 8.1 and the length I’m comfortable with. It has so much front rocker I can push it into my transit van without lifting it of the ground. I’ve had other supposedly fast boats (e.g. Nirvana) but nothing compares to Phantom fast. This can be an issue in tight creeks as your on the next feature almost before you cleared the current one but it is fun.
    I would have kept the 8.6 but the Mambas have rails at the front while the Phantom is almost displacement at the front with rails in the stern so swapping boats always required a river to readjust. The Mamba is slow but if you don’t know where you’re going that can be an advantage. The Code does look more like the Phantom but it would be a shame if it kills off the Mamba.

    • Brian Swafford

      I am almost in the same exact boat as you are literally and figuratively. I went from a Mamba to a phantom and absolutely agree with you. I love the Phantom but the speed of it does get me in trouble every now and them. The Code looks like a great compromise between the two but I might have the same issue with deciding between the medium and large since I weigh around 100kg. It will be interesting to see what the volume is. That would help some if I was choosing between the two sizes.

      • Chris

        Does anyone know or have any sort of incline to when these details will be finalised and leaked. I’m at the stage of wanting to treat myself to a new kayak and I’ve pretty much committed to a Mamba 8.1 but it would always be in the back of my mind about the Code.

        It would be great to have something to go off soon so I can try and secure one before they all sell out.

        • Unsponsored

          I’d go code as the Mamba is of a different generation.

  3. Joe

    What is your opinion on the Code as a beginner to intermediate boat? I have a hard time thinking that the Code will take care of beginner paddlers as much as the Mamba. Especially on squirley water.

  4. ed

    When will the volume specs be out….grrrr….

  5. Glenn

    And here we are in October 2021 and the Code is still not out there. I understand that Palm/Dagger UK have stock sitting in Devon but are awaiting word from Dagger US as to when they can be released. Frustrating; you bet!

  6. Ulli

    As a female I was paddling a Mamba 7,6 for a couple of years. As I am now paddling in heavier white water I am fascinated by the Dagger Code SM with its bow rocker which makes a big difference diving into high waves and boofing over “waltzes”! Its extremly easy to turn and hey, so much more fun! The Mamba I keep for low waters.

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