A few weeks back I posted some images of a new boat being paddles by new Dagger Kayaks paddler Sage Donnelly. At the time I hypothesised that it could likely be a replacement for the long serving Mamba. Many online suggested that this couldn’t be the case and it must just be a smaller Phantom.

Dagger Kayaks – Code (Contour Spec)

However it looks like I was right on the mark with details of the Dagger Code being leaked online by a number of retailers in several countries. As yet details are not available on the Dagger site.

It looks very similar to the Phantom but from the side profile it was clear that this kayak is a different beast.

Sage Donnelly – It’s just a Phantom, right!

So the Dagger Code is the replacement for the Mamba. It has newly designed planing hull with crisp rails and a wide stern profile is designed for stability. Like the Phantom the Code it has a high rocker bow for punching through and over river features.

Dagger Kayaks – Code (Red, Action Spec)

The boat will be available in two specifications, the Action spec with the simplified action level of outfitting seen in the red kayak above and the Creek spec which comes with Dagger’s Contour Ergo Outfitting including a step out wall seen in the aurora kayak below.

Dagger Kayaks – Code (Aurora, Contour Spec)

The Dagger Code will be available in three different sizes S, M and L.

Dagger Kayaks – Code (Aqua Fresh, Contour Spec)



Length 254cm
Width 66cm
Weight 20kg
Paddler weight 77kg


Length 267cm
Width 68cm
Weight 22kg
Paddler weight 100kg


Length 279cm
Width 70cm
Weight 24kg
Paddler weight 118kg

Looking at the prices shown on US and EU retailer sites the action spec will probably retail in the UK for around £1000 and the full creek spec for probably around £1300.

The creek version will be available in Red, Aqua Fresh (Turquoise/Red/White), Aurora (Purple/Turquoise) and Cosmos (Black/Red/Turquoise). While the Action spec will be available in Red, Lime, Electron (Blue/Green/White) and Blaze (Orange/Blue/White).

Both versions are set to be available in Spring 2021.

So how does the new Code compare to the Mamba? You can find out right here in the Dagger Code Vs Mamba post.