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Kayaks That Are 30 This Year – Part II

We have launched a new series for 2022 looking back at some of the kayak designs from the last 30 years. This one is the second in the series. In part one we took a look at the Dagger AQII, in part two we take a look at another Dagger kayak, the Freefall.

Kayaks That Are 30 This Year – Part II
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Social Media Saturday 1 January 2022

Happy New Year Welcome to Unsponsored and Social Media Saturday 1 January 2022. The first post of 2022.

Social Media Saturday 1 January 2022


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Dagger Nova

Adrienne has been paddling the Nova and posted this short clip on Instagram. Check it out.

The Nova will probably be too small for me but the Super Nova could be the slicey boat I have been waiting for.

Dagger Code Vs Mamba

The Mamba has been around since 2005 with a major revamp in 2012. The Code is Dagger’s newest kayak and has been designed to take the place of the Mamba in the line up.

Dagger Code
Dagger Mamba

In following table I have listed the three main sizes of the kayaks and matched although some of the dimensions of a say a middle of the size range Mamba could also be easily compared against the smallest Code.

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Zet Chili Vs Titan Nymph Vs Dagger Rewind Vs Jackson Antix 2.0 Vs Exo Party Rexy

How do the new breed of river running slicey boats compare to one another? We compare the Zet Chili, Titan Nymph, Dagger Rewind (medium), Jackson Antix 2.0, and the Exo Party Rexy.

A number of these kayaks are available in different sizes but we have selected the data for the sizes that are closely matched to the kayaks that are produced in one size only.

Zet Kayaks – Chili

Zet Kayaks – Chili

Length: 273 cm
Width: 63 cm
Volume: 233 l
Paddler weight: 60-90kg

UK Cost: £1095

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Dagger Vanguard Prototype

Chris Gragtmans has this Dagger Vanguard prototype for the season. What do you think?

Dagger Rewind Test Paddle On The Ocoee

Check out this test paddle of the Dagger Rewind on the Ocoee.

Dagger Kayaks – Rewind Specifications

Dagger have recently released some data on the new Rewind kayak. The data relates to the medium sized version of this kayak.

Dagger Kayak - Rewind Specifications
Dagger Kayaks – Rewind

Medium Rewind Specifications:

Length: 8′ 9″ / 266.7cm
Width: 25.5″ / 64.8cm
Boat Weight: 43lbs / 19.5kg
Paddler Weight: 140 – 220lbs / 63.5 – 99.8kg

The medium is due sometime this year (2019).

But what about some of the other sizes?

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Dagger Kayaks – Rewind

Dagger have released details of their new kayak the Rewind.

Dagger Kayaks - Rewind
Dagger Kayaks – Rewind

Scott Byers from Dagger Kayaks gives us some brief details on the Rewind.

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Dagger Vanguard

It looks like Dagger have a prototype kayak that has broken out into the open. This is the Dagger Vanguard. It’s said to be faster than the Phantom but definitely looks shorter than the Green Boat. This means it must be around 10 feet in length.

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Custom Dagger Green Boat 2018

Custom Dagger Green Boat

As a part of our celebration of the 23rd annual Green Race, and to raise money for the Green Race Conservation Project, Dagger Kayaks is “guessing” off this custom Dagger Green Boat tonight at The Salvage Station in Asheville, NC.

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Dagger Phantom – Gauley Fest

Dagger Kayaks are at the Gauley Fest this weekend with this great looking Dagger Phantom.

Dagger Phantom - Gauley Fest

The boat will be raffled to raise funds for American Whitewater.

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