We have launched a new series for 2022 looking back at some of the kayak designs from the last 30 years. This one is the second in the series. In part one we took a look at the Dagger AQII, in part two we take a look at another Dagger kayak, the Freefall.

Kayaks That Are 30 This Year – Part II

The Freefall came to life in the USA in 1991/2 and debuted at Hell Hole on the Ocoee.

For the time the Freefall was short, in fact it was Dagger’s shortest kayak to that date at a mere 9’6″. Designed for tight and technical creeking the high volume (73 gallons US) and rounded hull meant that it was stable and behaved pretty well in most conditions.

Standard outfitting included two grab loops at each end of the kayak that created the distinctive cross over grab handles. Fullplate footrest was standard along with moulded thigh braces with neoprene padding.

Accessory tape loops were provided just in front of and behind the cockpit area which was a common feature of Dagger kayaks of the time.

At 39lbs or 17.6kgs the Freefall wasn’t the heaviest kayak around at the time but a little later the Freefall LT was released with essentially the same design but in a lighter weight package. A Freefall LT is shown in the images.


Length 9’6″

Width 24.25″

Weight 39lbs

Volume 73 gallons

Recommended paddler weight range 80 – 200lbs

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