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Kayaks That Are 30 This Year

We are launching a new series for 2022 looking back at some of the kayak designs from the last 30 years. This is the first in the series.

Back in 1992 Dagger released the the AQII. The AQII was derived from the Noah Aeroquatic. The design came from the mind of Vladimir Vanha, founder of Noah Kayaks.

Dagger AQII
Kayaks That Are 30 This Year – Dagger AQII

The super stable AQII surfed well and could pull enders at the drop of a hat.

This was from the days when a rudder shudder was still cool.

Decent thigh braces and a bottle holder were cutting edge features at the time. Note that there is no backrest.

At 10’3″ the AQII was slightly shorter than the original AQ. The grooves in the flat hull were designed to aid/help accelerate the boat.

The grooved hull and flairs at the bow and stern miles ahead of what else was currently out there and have inspired a raft of river running playboats that followed.

I never had the chance of paddling either the AQ or AQII but can still distinctly remember seeing an original AQ chained up outside the Crystal Palace exhibition centre with a for sale sign on it. Compared to the other boats at the time it really stood out and made an enduring impression.

Please note images were lifted from an Internet search. If they are yours please get in contact.


  1. Andy Vowell

    Shudder rudders are still cool!
    Had an AQII in the prime days of rodeo. A fabulous all round boat as good on whitewater as it was on HPP’s looping wave.

  2. Aer

    Rad series! Keep er comin!

  3. Howard Parr

    I bought mine 30 years ago. Still going strong.

  4. Dave

    Still got mine and love it and when it goes vertical it is eye popping

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