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Movie Monday 18 November 2019

Welcome to Movie Monday 18 November 2019 at Unsponsored.

Movie Monday 18 November 2019


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Prijon Release – Review

The Prijon Release is the third design by Kenny Mutton in recent years, and follows quickly on the heals of the Delirious and Delerium.

The overall feel of the boat is great. The outfitting is simple and effective, the plastic as always solid. The Flex system as used in the Delerium has been improved with better seat padding and a fantastic hip pad system that works.

Prijon Release - Review
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Dagger G Force – Review

Dagger’s new “shorty” boat, the G-force, is radically short yet it still offers comfort for a wide variety of sized paddlers due to its foot and knee contours. The G-Force allows boaters to explore “aerial” hole and wave moves that “shorty” boats excel at.

Dagger G Force - Review
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