The Prijon Release is the third design by Kenny Mutton in recent years, and follows quickly on the heals of the Delirious and Delerium.

The overall feel of the boat is great. The outfitting is simple and effective, the plastic as always solid. The Flex system as used in the Delerium has been improved with better seat padding and a fantastic hip pad system that works.

Prijon Release - Review

The seat pad and hip pads are one unit. Shims are put in place behind the hip pads to the required thickness. The strap holds the pad in place and is cinched down tight using the buckle system at the rear of the seat. Changing the padding takes seconds, no glue needed.

Prijon Release - Review

The awesome backrest as used in the Delerium is ratchet controlled but the padding unbelievably has been improved. The pleasure pod is still a feature and helps keep you in the optimum paddling position.The thighhooks remain the same. They can be bolted into the boat in two positions and then be finely tuned before tightened up using the tool provided. The footrest system remains the same – loads of foam, simple and effective. I now use a Liquid Logic bean bag footrest. This system works really well in the Release.

Once I had the boat outfitted I took it out at a local artificial ww course. The Release is simply awesome. Its slicey, fast and extremely loose. The best of both the Delirious and Delerium have been brought together to give an excellent performing kayak. This boat spins like nothing else, it carves extremely well and will cartwheel until you are dizzy.

Prijon Release - Review

The main thing I like about the Release is the speed. Despite having a heavy rocker the boat can carve really well. The sharp edges and grooves on the hull aid this. Stick this boat on edge and it goes. Even on the smallest of waves this kayak will beat any plastic boat of similar length!

For 2004 the Release has gained a set of fins, modified thigh braces and a smoothed out bow (giving more foot room).