A little about me…I’m 6 ft 1, 34 inseam and weigh about 70 kilo’s. Previously owned a Space Cadet, EZ, Techno, Ego, LUV and have paddled Scooter, Big Wheel, ZG 48, Kingpin 6.2 & 6.3, and Vibe.

Liquid Logic Vision 56 - Review

First Impressions:

Wow! This boat looks the business. The obvious thing that you notice are the edges and they look sweet! The foot bag is super comfy. Usually my feet are in bits from being jammed against plastic side walls but the footbag was like having your feet wrapped up in a little duvet! I loosened the screws too much and so they wouldn’t tighten again! This is actually a great feature on the boat but just remember that you only have to twist the screw a small bit to move the seat.

Liquid Logic Vision 56 - Review

Paddling the Vision:

It was a little more difficult (compared to Space Cadet) to throw down on the flat but who buys a playboat for the flat!? It is 56 gallons so I was expecting this!

Liquid Logic Vision 56 - Review

I was a little worried that the rails on the boat would be very trippy because with the Vibe you did sacrifice stability for speed! This wasn’t the case! At first I did get caught out and flipped once or twice on eddy lines. But after that I didn’t once feel like the rails were gona catch me out.

Straight away I had to cross from an eddy over the main flow to another eddy…wow!!! I just edged the boat and flew across the to the eddy with so much speed! So with its speed on the flat I couldn’t wait to get on the wave!

The Wave:

The wave I was paddling was on the river Moy in Ballina. The river was huge but the wave was a sweet green wave with a small foam pile. For the first half hour all I did was carve!! Wow!! This boat is super fast, I had so much fun just rippin up the wave! The boat was so loose; it spun so easily – ya could clean spin all day long!

Now, I had established that the boat was fast and loose….next was did it bounce big? Yep! Blunts were so smooth and once you are tearing down the face of the wave ya can just bounce big and whip it around!

Down river:

I did paddle it down a grade 3 river which was in flood (The Lower Deel) without any problems. There were a few nice rapids and I didn’t once feel like the boat was a hindrance. It wasn’t trippy in the slightest and all was fine!

I haven’t tried it in a hole yet so I can’t really comment on that.

You have probably seen the word “wow” written a good bit in this review and that is a word that really does sum up the Vision. So far I am very happy with it so looking forward to getting it out again trying it on different features.