Dagger’s G-Ride, is radically short yet it still offers comfort for a wide variety of sized paddlers due to its foot and knee contours. The G-Ride is outfitted with Dagger’s familiar Clutch™ outfitting.

Dagger G Ride - Review

The Clutch™ Outfitting includes: Hip pads and shims, seat wedge, thigh booster, and a full plate footrest. For different size paddlers, Dagger’s Clutch™ Outfitting allows for a custom fit in the boat. It seems quite effective and reports from paddlers asked confirms this. That being said I prefer solid hip pads made of foam and would remove the “pump-up” hip-pads if I owned a Dagger boat.

Dagger G Ride - Review

The boat sits firmly in the river/play catogary, with the boat proving itself on trips around the UK and in Nepal. Grade III-V water throughout. The boat has plenty of volume and feels at home in big water. For a short boat the G-Ride has plenty of speed and the additional volume in the front end makes it easy to punch through stoppers. The rear of the boat will accomodate a pair of small/medium airbags and can store and adequate amount of gear for a day out on the river. The boat is not a frieghter!

Now the G-Ride is similar to the G-Force in many repects including its play potential. The boat spins and surfs well and you can with some effort even throw cartwheels on flat water (if that is your thing).

The G-Ride will suit those who after a boat that can do all. I believe that the G-Ride is a compatent design with much more going for it that its smaller brother the G-Force. If you want a boat that will allow you to tackle UK rivers, surf and even a little PnP if the mood takes you.