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ASTRAL G Rubber Science

When Astral first launched their line of watershoes a few years back the sole was constructed from Five Ten Stealth rubber. However Five Ten were bought out by Adidas and the availability of the Stealth rubber sole for third parties dried up.

Astral G Rubber Science

Knowing that they were onto something really special with their line up of shoes Astral went out and made a compound that was far better in terms of both grip and wear than the Stealth rubber they had previously used.

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GoPro Blackout Housing – A Closer Look

The GoPro blackout housing is one of GoPro’s latest accessory release. The case is based on the same form factor as the Hero 3+ housing so will fit both the Hero 3 and Hero 3+.

GoPro Blackout Housing

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Astral Rasslers – Mid Year Thoughts

Finding a good shoe or boot that is robust enough for long walk ins/outs, offers good levels of protection/support and is comfortable to wear all day is pretty tough. Thankfully a number of big players have begun to expand the range of shoes available. For the last couple of years I have been using a pair of Five Ten Water Tennies and really like them. But I also have a but also have a set of Astral Brewers which are great in my playboat. The Brewers dry much faster that the Water Tennies but don’t have the same level of protection or stiffness as the Five Tens.

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ASTRAL Footwear Collection – the Brewer and Porter explained

Astral Brewer – First Look

My Astral Brewer shoes finally arrived today. Delays due to the Olympics meant they had been in the country for over 10 days waiting for customs to release them. Thankfully they (along with a few other goodies) have arrived in one piece.

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