The GoPro blackout housing is one of GoPro’s latest accessory release. The case is based on the same form factor as the Hero 3+ housing so will fit both the Hero 3 and Hero 3+.

GoPro Blackout Housing

In essence the blackout housing is identical to the normal Hero 3 housing with the exception that it is made from matt black plastic and all of the LED lights are hidden from view. Even the GoPro logo on the front of the housing is black on black.

GoPro Blackout Housing (2)

GoPro Blackout Housing

In the packet you receive the main housing with the solid door attached. There is also a black skeleton door and four black stickers which you can use to hide the LCD screen which is still visible through the housing under normal circumstances.

GoPro Blackout Housing (1)

The housing like the normal one is waterproof to 131’/40m and feels as robust and as well constructed as the normal housing. One thing I do find odd is the fact that GoPro have billed this as a option if you wish to shoot in a low profile and have gone to the effort of even blacking out their logo, yet the logo on the quick release mount is still a crisp white. The nut used on the mount is also silver, it just seems strange that this hasn’t been considered.

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