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Revant Replacement Lens – Review

Have you damaged your expensive sunglasses?

Revant Replacement Lens - Review
Revant Replacement Lens – Review
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Time For A New Personal Flotation Device

Many people are oblivious as to when their Personal Flotation Device (PFD) has reached the end of its functional life. An easy indication of when you ought to get a new Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is when you can’t read the label on the inside. When the label starts to deteriorate to the point you can’t read it, the flotation has probably started to deteriorate as well.

Time For A New Personal Flotation Device

To say I’m picky about my PFD, how it fits, and what I carry in it, would be a massive understatement. If you spend the number of years having fun on the water that I have, you will encounter your share of rescue situations. What you have on your chest will be the tools at your disposal to fix those situations.

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GoPro Lens Caps

Replacement parts are available for all of the GoPro range but I prefer to try and prevent any damage particularly when the camera and case are in my bag. One of easiest parts to damage is the lens of both the camera itself and the lens area on waterproof case. Damage to either of these will ruin footage.


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GoPro Blackout Housing – A Closer Look

The GoPro blackout housing is one of GoPro’s latest accessory release. The case is based on the same form factor as the Hero 3+ housing so will fit both the Hero 3 and Hero 3+.

GoPro Blackout Housing

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Black Rapid RS-Sport 2 Camera Strap

I have had various SLR cameras over the years and have always used them on or close to the water. The standard straps provide with them have never been great. I have never liked wearing the strap around my neck and have always ended up wrapping the strap around my wrist/arm a few times to keep the camera safe. Thinking back the camera was never really secure, but I have been lucky and have never dropped a camera in the water or on the ground.

As I have been doing more photography lately the strap situation was becoming more of an issue. After looking around for a while I found the Black Rapid Sport camera strap. The system is similar to the type of straps the military are now using for rifle slings. That in itself was a good reason to check the Black Rapid Sport 2 out.

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How to Replace a Neck Gasket

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