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Dagger’s Contour Outfitting System

Daggers Contour Ergo Outfitting and Wavepsorts 2012 Whiteout Outfitting are essentially the same design. Below is a closer look at the elements that make up the Dagger Outfitting in a 2013 Dagger Jitsu. This will be the same system used in all non-creeking boats with the Contour system.

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The seat rail is welded to the hull, which gives a high level of rigidity. A bottle/bag holder is provided and can be adjusted using the bungee cord or fastlock buckles. The front edge of the seat can be lowered and raised via the ratchet system located on the front of the seat.

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The backrest is ratchet adjustable and can be dropped out the way for easy access to the rear of the boat by releasing two fastlock buckles.

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The seat can be moved forward and back by loosening off the two bolts that secure the seat via the seat posts and releasing the red nut located at the back of the seat. There is a guide printed on the rail so you can accurately move the seat.

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I love both the Wavesport and Dagger systems. The fact I can lift the front edge of the seat just really helps me feel locked into the boat. It would to be pretty tough to go back to a kayak that didn’t have a similar system.


  1. nick

    how do those seat bolts attach? Any idea where I can find there size? I lost one and im worried about how hard its going to be to get one back in

    • Unsponsored

      Bolts are now metric so easier to get hold of world wide. M6.

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