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How To Taily Forever – Infinitetaily

How to Taily forever - Infinitetaily
How to Taily forever – Infinitetaily

Wanted to make this edit for ages, but I wanted to wait to have a space to be able to record it and edit it properly. Big thanks to everyone supporting us on patroen, we saved up the last several months and used the money to upgrade our camera and light system massively. Still shooting on the Panasonic GH5 but now with a good tripod, external monitor and lighting.

Bren Orton
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Rolling Inside And Out

Check out this great edit from Plas y Brenin.

Rolling Inside And Out

Have you got your roll working indoors, but always go swimming when you try outside?

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GoPro Pro Tip – Rafa Ortiz

Rafa Ortiz talks us through taking a shots with a GoPro using a remote and your teeth.

GoPro Pro Tip - Rafa Ortiz

A GoPro remote can even be paired with several cameras at once. This allows the control to fire multiple GoPros at the same time.

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Lines – How To Do It Right – THE STYLE UPDATE

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 08.37.37

Style is more important than ever – here are the BRANDNEW MOVES for the upcoming season. Continue reading

Pat Keller – The Speed Ricochet

An interesting little piece of river running technique from Pat Keller.

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Genes: Advanced WW Part 1 Posture/Body Form

A great video from Unsponsored’s friend Simon Westgarth. Well worth checking out all of the instructional DVDs that Simon has produced over the years. More info can be found @

Genes; Advanced WW Part 1 Posture/Body Form from Gene17 – Simon Westgarth on Vimeo.

Kayaking Manual: The Essential Guide To All Kinds Of Kayaking

Kayaking Manual: The Essential Guide To All Kinds Of Kayaking is a Haynes manual written by Bill Mattos. Yes that’s right Haynes, the same Haynes that make the guides to fixing your knackered car.


I must admit that this along with the bold claim of the title made me extremely dubious about this book. The last time I had a Haynes manual was around 20 years ago for a MK II Ford Fiesta, and although great for fixing the brakes etc it wasn’t the kind of book you would read just for the hell of it.

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Playboater Troubleshooter – Episode 2 – Positions of Power

The playboater troubleshooter series is quickly becoming one of the must watch range of videos on the net. I watch a great deal of kayak videos online and only a select few get posted on Unsponsored. The work that Chris Wing produces is simply A1.

Training And The Art Of Becoming A Better Paddler


Training is something I don’t mention on the site as I believe if you are out paddling then that is as far as training needs to go. However a few bits and bobs have cropped up in conversation over the last few weeks that I thought I would get onto the site.

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