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Ford & TOJ present The All India Kayak Expedition, Ep.04 – The Sankh

Powered by Ford Endeavour, five paddlers from the UK and one from India will travel across the country, exploring new whitewater rivers to descend while following the monsoon rains from the southwest to the northeast.

In this episode, the paddlers take on the Sankh, a massive river surrounded by granite slabs in Jharkhand/Chhattisgarh/Odisha in east India. From tackling big rapids on an 8km upstream section to having scores of people watch them sleep, the boys have a roaring time rolling.

The All India Kayak Expedition: Episode 4, The Sankh from The Outdoor Journal on Vimeo.

FrenchLAB (MEA) – Rêves About U
Rameses B – I Need You (ft. Charlotte Haining) (CMA Remix)
Lohstana David – Demain je change de vie (Instrumental)
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