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Washburn Boaterfest 2016

Today was the Washburn Boaterfest 2016. We spent a few hours at the Washburn (North Yorkshire, UK) checking out the event and testing out some new gear.

Washburn Boaterfest 2016

For quite sometime if you went to any recent event you would be sure to see lots and lots of Pyranha 9Rs on the water. Today was quite different.

Washburn Boaterfest 2016

It seemed as though the world had been taken over by Silverbirch Coverts!

Washburn Boaterfest 2016

Paddling the Washburn always results in a long walk back to the top for another run.

Unsponsored-Washburn-Boaterfest-2016 (15)

Washburn Boaterfest 2016

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  1. simoncalenccukorguk

    Thanks for a great day, enjoyed the Silver Birch try out, see you next year!

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