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What Would You Do?

The following images are shared on Unsponsored with the permission of Tomass Marnics over at Two Blades.

What Would You Do

The images show the unfolding of a series of swims following being caught up in a hydraulic.

What Would You Do

It’s interesting to consider what you would do in a situation like this. If A. You were one of the paddlers and B. If you were providing safety cover from the bank.

What Would You Do


  1. Daniel

    Shore: Bag’em and tag’em. Removing even one person from the hazard makes it that much easier to get the rest (and to more paddlers from ending up there).

    Hole: Tuck and flush.

  2. shovelhead

    Get through, get out and throw a rope.

    I doubt (and that’s putting it nicely) my ability to get in there with my boat and pull someone out on my backdeck. There’s no point of having another swimmer in the water.First rule of rescue/safety: don’t become a victim yourself.

    On the other hand: being the photographer, I would not have had the nerve to shoot the third picture. My camera would be on the ground and my rope already flying

  3. Alan

    Not get into the situation where everyone is/so many are in need of rescue at the same time in the first place! After that, just pull them out one at a time is all you can do.

  4. Paul

    Bag the 2 in the middle and encourage the other 2 to swim. Not great rapid management. Best to break it into a good eddy hopping or one at a time strategy with bank support co-ordinating minimise issues

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