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10 Best GoPro Accessories

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at the wide range of accessories that I own for use with the GoPro. I have whittled the list down to the 10 best GoPro accessories that I would buy again if I was starting out from scratch.

I have not included any items that are no longer widely available, such as the MountStar mount.

10 Best GoPro Accessories

The GoPro App:

It’s free and makes the setting up of any Wifi enabled GoPro super easy.

Micro SD Card:

A good 32GB or 64GB Micro SD Card such as the
Lexar 633x Class 10 32gb micro SD and Lexar 633x Class 10 64gb micro SD. Both have transfer rates of up to 95MB/s and are U3 classified.

Storage Case:

The Lowe Pro Dashpoint AVC is superb. Even the smallest version can cope with two GoPros and associated gear.

GoPro battery charger (in this case the GoPro Hero 4 model) with two batteries:

The battery charger allows you to charge two batteries at once making it much quicker than relying on the camera to take care of the charging.

LCD Backpac:

Superb if you don’t have a LCD equipped GoPro. The LCD Bacpac works really well and comes with associated backdoors to allow the backpack to be used within the waterproof housing.

Lens Caps:

To save the hassle of changing a lens or housing I like to use a set of lens caps. Cheap and easy to get hold of the silicone versions work really well and come in a variety of bright (easy to find) colours.

10 Best GoPro Accessories

Hand Grip:

GoPole have the hand grenade grip and GoPro themselves have brought out their own version – The Handler.

10 Best GoPro Accessories

Leash System:

DIY Leash system – I never use a GoPro without a leash, even when on my bike. I use 2mm – 3mm dyneema cord and a small s-biner. If the sticky mount fails then the leash comes into play.

10 Best GoPro Accessories

The Frame:

The new GoPro frame mount (inc lens protector) is great if using the camera off the water and you want to maximise the effectiveness of the built in microphone. This newer version allows the camera and bacpacs to to installed and removed from the mount without having to break it apart from the QR mount.

Chest Harness:

A GoPro chest harness is not something I rushed out to buy. In fact I had a camera for a couple of years before getting one. It has been a great decision to finally get one. It offers a few other possibilities for mounting the camera and getting different shots.

On the mountain bike it also offers a pretty good level of stabilisation.

Now your list may be different to mine. What would you include within your top 10?


  1. Amanda

    This was very appropriate article because most of the paddlers take video of their SUP surfing using Go Pro…

  2. Benjamin Smith

    Good list. I’m going to have to get some of those lens caps. I’d also add the GoPro Remote to that list. I think it comes with most GoPros these days, but it’s super useful especially when our GoPro is out of reach (ie on the bank next to a surf hole).

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