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Arc’teryx Customer Service – Review

At the start of 2014 I managed to put a cut in my Arc’teryx Fission SL jacket. The Fission SL is a super light weight Goretex pro jacket that is insulated. It’s a great jacket that is both light and warm and it has served me well through the British winters for the last couple of years. Unfortunately I managed to brush past a wall (bricks had sharp edges) and put a 5 to 6cm straight cut in the front of the jacket.


To say I was gutted would be an understatement. I looked at possible solutions for repair – tape, glue, patch etc. All were viable but to be honest if it’s less than perfect it would simply annoy me. So the only option was to contact Arc’teryx direct. To be honest I didn’t hold out much hope as I expected the repair to be hugely expensive and therefore not cost effective. But is was worth a go.

I made a service warranty/repair request via the Arc’teryx website. An auto response was received immediately and I awaited contact. Contact quickly came and I was asked to send the jacket off to Switzerland.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 22.01.53

A week or so later I received contact to let me know that the jacket had been received and was being assessed. As expected (the damage was my fault after all) a repair outside of warranty would be required at a cost of around £50 including postage to get it back to me.

Now it may sound silly but if the repair didn’t meet my high standards the jacket would have been sold on. I was concerned that this would be the case and that I would be finding myself buying another brand new (perfect) Fission before the postie had got to the end of the street. Thankfully what I received back was a very professional repair. The cut area had been removed and an internally stitched patch has been put in its place – Neat, exact and hardly noticeable unless you are search for it. So much so that even trying to get it to show in a photograph is difficult.

Needless to say I am delighted with the repair and the service that Arc’teryx offered and it’s great to be able to share this via the site.


  1. Arc'Greg

    So glad that you’re happy with the repair, thank you Phil.

  2. Dave

    Well you must be lucky. In my case Arc’Teryx customer support is terrible, it’s like dealing with children having a tantrum. They provide a web form where you can waste your time entering all the information they require, then you wait a week, then they ask you for the same information, like you’ve got nothing better to do. But don’t tell them you’ve already sent it, because then they just ignore you, very professional!

    • Unsponsored

      Completely different to my experience. Very smooth and quick.

      • Geez

        I’ve used their contact form several times to try to get my Cerium CV Hoody jacket repaired but the form either doesn’t work or they haven’t bothered to reply to me in over a month. Actually they haven’t sent any response, not even an automated one. I used to rate Arc’Teryx gear but their customer service sucks and quality standards are sloppy for the price and the hype.

  3. Warren Radomsky

    I sent an older, Arcteryx goretex ski jacket, into warranty, 1 month ago. Three of the zippers, had failed. They said the jacket was too old, to repair, and offered, a Beta AR, or a Rush jacket at 50%, of 700 Can dollars. The catch was that they would keep my old jacket, which while old is still immaculate looking. If I value my old jacket at 200 Can dollars, which I believe is fair, then all they are offering, is 150 dollar discount. Which is 20%. 20% discounts can be found, fairly regularly.

    I will keep my old jacket, hire a very good seamstress, who is experience, in outdoor gear, to repair the one pocket zipper, which really matters. Then shop for a North Face, or MH, jacket, at a fraction of the cost of an Arcteryx. I hear people say the high cost of Arcteryx clothing, is partially due to the warranty. In my case, the warranty, was of no value, whatsoever.

  4. Sandra Osorio

    Worse quality ever for a very expensive jacket, that ripped in 3 different spots within 3 weeks of purchase. On top of that I’m very disappointed with Arcteryx’s customer support and warranty response. I can think of so many stores that really care about customer satisfaction and stand 100% behind their products.

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