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Avenger 9X (A9X) Composite Creek Boat

Steve Muir has created this superb Avenger 9X (A9X) composite creek boat.

Avenger 9X (A9X) Composite Creek Boat

I reckon this looks pretty neat.

What do you reckon? Is there a future for composite creek boats?


  1. kayaker2015

    We did alright. Chris and i won the intermediate race at the Snowy extreme race by 27 seconds in the A9Xs

    • Unsponsored

      It’s a great looking design. Where did you get the inspiration for the design.

  2. kayaker2015

    I had made a large cockpit slalom kayak mould so I used that as a start as it was fast a it had a flat planing hull and then added bits off the Avenger wild water raceer we make so that it looked a bit like a mini Avenger river racer. Leila had Dagger Piedra that is 9 foot 5″ and was quite fast kayak . I moulded the nose off the Piedra for the front and cut the back of the slalom kayak so I could bend it up to have the same tail rocker as the Piedra.. For the more extreme A course it could have done with a more kick in the nose but was good for the intermediate course.

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