It must be the season for a load of kit damage as over the last couple of days I have had several emails about repairing gear. Probably the glue I have used the most for the repair of gear has been been McNett Black Witch neoprene glue. The Black Witch glue is perfect for repairing rips, tears and nicks in spraydecks, wetsuits etc. It also works well for filling holes on the inside of non-neoprene gear like drysuits or dry tops.

Black Witch Glue

Black Witch Neoprene Glue comes is single tubes or a tube with a set of patches. I would recommend getting the kit with patches if you can. I used a kit like this to do this epic repair. That skirt is still going strong!

Once open the glue within the tube can go off fairly quickly. Keeping it cool (even in the fridge) can help prolong its shelf life.