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Dagger Nomad – First Paddle

I had the opportunity to have a brief paddle of the new 2016 Dagger Nomad (#newmad) last week. This particular shell is the Prototype V3 which is pretty much what the production model will be like.

Dagger Nomad - First Paddle

I had first seen the Newmad in the flesh at Paddle Expo and since posting those images taken at the time it has been pretty clear, from the associated statistics from Unsponsored, that this boat has a great number of people very interested.

But what are my initial thoughts?

Dagger Nomad - First Paddle

Firstly, if you are one of the many who have pre-ordered a new Nomad without seeing one in the flesh or having even paddled one I can put your mind at rest. You have made a solid choice!

Now there is no way that this could be a full on review of the boat but simply a snap shot of what I thought about the boat at the time and now after some reflection.

I am a huge fan of the contour outfitting system. It still remains my favourite, so it’s great to see it in the new boat and working as well as ever. The only real difference is that the storage tray has been removed in order to save weight.

Dagger Nomad - First Paddle

In the water this large model doesn’t look, feel or paddle big. It does have both great stability and speed yet remains a dream to control. Although quick I didn’t feel as though it was running away from me. It remained poised and composed throughout.

From the moment I jumped in the boat and paddled it simply felt comfortable and familiar. I do need more time in the boat and on a wider range of water but at this stage it definitely feels like my kind of boat.

Images for this Dagger Nomad – First Paddle post were taken by David Turnbull.


  1. Toby M

    Still haven’t had chance to demo, yet, at 5’9″ and 90-95kg (in the buff), would you recommend a L or M? I’ve got short legs, and the Large just looks massive!

    • Unsponsored

      Hi, the large is bang on for me but I’m taller and heavier. I suspect you may feel better in the medium. They are big on paper but don’t feel that big on the water. As always it’s best to demo if you can.

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