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Dagger RPM – Custom

This beauty is the custom Dagger RPM created by Dagger UK/Palm Equipment for the 2018 National Student Rodeo. Due to severe weather conditions in the UK the event had to be cancelled. So this kayak is up for grabs.

Dagger RPM - Custom

No fancy stickers, just good old fashioned plastic art in play.

Dagger RPM - Custom

Dagger RPM - Custom

Dagger RPM - Custom

Dagger RPM - Custom

Images from Palm Equipment.

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  1. How do we grab said boat?

  2. For those that are interested to the whereabouts of this kayak: Exeter University Canoe Club were donated it at the end of Teifi Tour 2018 for making a map that showed the location of EUCC members paddling all over the world (which was in line with the theme ‘Around The World’)

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