Double Dutch are a paddle company who are mainly known here in the UK for their superb slalom paddles. After spending some time checking out the rest of the whitewater range at Paddle Expo 2015 I’m wondering why we don’t see more of these paddles over here.

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The whole range looks superb, a range of blade shapes made with different materials that are available on a range of shafts.

Lets start with the Proton.

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Available in full carbon, semi carbon and glass.

The relatively small blade design of the Proton white water paddle is suitable for both freestyle and river running. It’s not just for the small paddlers with less strength; it’s for every paddler that prefers to pull on their blade with control. The proton has the perfect size to make fast continuous strokes.

The full carbon is available with a straight or cranked carbon kevlar shaft in any length and any feather. The semi carbon has a carbon front face and fibreglass black. It is available with a straight fiberglass shaft. There is also the option to have a breakdown paddle that splits into two parts.

The Proton glass has a glass blade and straight shaft.

Next up is the Slam.

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The Slam has a full carbon blade that has the option of a straight or cranked kevlar carbon shafts.

unsponsored-double-dutch-slam 343

unsponsored-double-dutch-slam 341

This is a high-end paddle for progressive freestyle and white water kayaking. The strong shape delivers you powerful fast strokes. The Slam is produced with the Semi-Core concept.

The Semi-Core concept is a carbon blade with a foam core and hardwearing edges. It contains both the qualities of a foam core blade and a classic pre-preg carbon blade.

It is a perfect combination of:

– Rigidity
– Low in Weight
– Ease of cutting through the water
– Hardwearing edges
– Ultimate smoothness

The Tyfoon is a tough paddle designed for tough whitewater.

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The Tyfoon white water paddle is more of a paddle for creeking. It came from the very popular ww/creeker the Scorpion, with some small changes to the construction. It gives a lot of control on decisive strokes, like boofs, surfs, eddy crosses and transverses on white water.

The Tyfoon has a full carbon blade that has the option of a straight or cranked kevlar carbon shafts or can be purchased with a glass blade and shaft.