Over the last few months I have had quite a few Watershed Drybags in for review. As part of the packaging the bags all come complete with two heavy duty elastic bands. If you are old enough and from the UK (may be the same in other countries too) these bands are very similar to the ones you got when you went to a public swimming pool.

I thought there must be a few ways in which these neat little things could be utilised and this is just one of them.

I’ve tried this setup a couple of times and it works really well. The rubber band has simply been looped around the paddle blade at a mint where it won’t slip. The carabiner has a Whetman Python sling attached and is clipped into the rubber band. The carabiner is then held open this can be done using the system here or by using a small piece of stick.

The carabiner is a DMM Boa and the little green piece of plastic is a Whetman Crabstick.

Set up takes seconds and allows you extra reach when wanting to clip into say a grab handle of a stranded/stuck kayak.