Some fun footage of FeatherWeight boats and crew ripping. The Feather – we designed this boat to carve hard, go big and be the most fun you have ever had in a kayak I talked with some of the best boaters in the world to find out what people wanted in a new boat. The Step Chine is a new advancement in kayak tech, borrowing from powerboat designs giving a raised rail that only engages when needed. Its a loose comfortable fit for me at 6′ size 11 with thick booties on. These boats last for years being almost infinitely repairable, making them cheaper and greener long term than plastic. That and ten times more fun, carbon boats aren’t just for pros.

Featherweight from Ben Fraser Productions on Vimeo.

If you are done swimming and have some waves nearby it’s time to up your game! Doesn’t matter if you want to learn to spin or airscrew combo, a carbon makes it easier and more fun! Outfitted $3200 or just a shell at $2900 all in, prices in Canadian $$. Large shipping 10 days after purchase. Medium shipping June 1st or sooner.

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