After witnessing a couple of horendous MTB crashes I decided it was wise to make an effort and carry a 1st aid kit. From the outset I had two options, make up my own or go and purchase a pre-made one. I chose the latter.

After scouring the outdoor shops, and large highstreet chemists I chose a Life Systems first aid kit. Cotswold Outdoor had a few different Life Systems for sale but I chose the “Compact” 1st aid kit due to its size, size does matter! The carrying case is tough, reuasable and weatherproof. It also contained the essential basic 1st aid kit items plus it had a enough spare room for the kit to be customised.

As standard the kit contained;

First Aid Primary Care Guide
Antiseptic Cleansing Tissues
Assorted Bandages
Safety Pins
Various Dressings
Disposable Latex Gloves
Micropore Tape
Paracetamol Tablets
I decided to get rid of the scissors (I carry a knife anyway), and change the Micropore tape for a much wider roll (2cm).

In addition to the above items I added;

Compeed blister dressings
Compeed Liquid Bandage
Additional Dressings
Additional No 8 bandages
A second pair of latex gloves
Arnica Tablets

What you carry could well be different to me but the above should give you some idea of the basics and possible extras.

At the end of the day your first aid equipment should target the potential risks of your paddling trip. It is important to treat any injuries effectively, get some training!!

Further 1st Aid Info;

BBC First Aid Advice
St. Johns
British Red Cross