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GoPro Customer Service

A few weeks ago I sold one of my GoPro Hero 3 silver editions. I was contacted by the buyer a few days after the sale stating that it dead. All very strange as it was fully updated and A1 before being sent off. Any way I refunded the guy once the camera was returned and I began to diagnose the issue. The camera was simply refusing to switch on under USB or battery power.

GoPro Customer Service

After checking out most of the videos on the subject I concluded that the camera was FUBAR’d and contacted GoPro customer service.

Within 24hrs I had a response from the GoPro customer service team and the process began. Each of my communications with GoPro were picked up and respond to around 24hrs later due to the time lag and over night emailing. A a result of siome superb customer service my dead GoPro was sent off to Holland and a new GoPro Silver was dispatched from Hong Kong. Two days after shipping confirmation the above box landed at my door. Simply superb. Thank you GoPro!


  1. Mike Renter

    My experience is they just refused because I didn’t have the exact golden receipt they wanted.

    • Unsponsored

      I had no issues. Proof of ownership was the only thing required.

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