I had the GoPro Hero 3 out this evening on the water. This was the first time I had worn the 3 on my kayak helmet. The weight difference between the 2 and 3 is very noticeable, especially when it’s on your head. This in itself is worth the upgrade.

Battery Details

On the battery front I am consistently getting between 1hr 40 and 1hr 50 out of every charge – Camera set at 1080p 30fps with no wifi.

Hero 2 battery is a 3.7v 1100mAh 4.07Wh
Hero 3 battery is a 3.7v 1050mAh 3.885Wh

Memory Cards

I managed to buy a corrupt 32gb micro sdhc card last week so am using a 16gb version. As yet have not encountered any issues with only using a 16GB card. It has not come close to becoming full.

Low Light

This evening it got dark pretty quick. The camera was worn this evening while I was kayaking at the Tees Barrage International Whitewater Course as the light started to fade. It was very cloudy, high winds, and plenty of rain. The WW course therefore had the spotlights on so there was a combination of low light, artificial light, and shadow/bright spots.

Even under the spot lights my Nikon D5100 DSLR was struggling taking action shots in the low light.

The video below shows what the GoPro 3 is capable of, no great shots of kayaking action. The camera was set at 1080p 30fps with Protune turned off.

GP3 Low Light from Unsponsored on Vimeo.