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GoPro Hero 3 The Frame Mount – First Look

One of the new GoPro “The Frame” mounts landed yesterday.

The mount is designed to house the new GoPro Hero 3 series (white, silver, and black). The images below show the mount being used with a Silver series HD3.

Here is what GoPro say about it –

The Frame mount is the smallest, lightest way to mount your HERO3 camera. For use with the HERO 3 cameras only.

Sleek frame design for low profile, compact mounting
Lens cap protects camera lens
Engineered for optimal sound at speed
Compatible with LCD Touch BacPac™ and second generation Battery BacPac™

Note: The Frame mount is NOT waterproof and not optimized for use in extreme conditions where dirt and sharp objects can damage the camera lens.

What’s Included:

Standard Frame
BacPac Frame
Lens Cover
Assorted Mounting Hardware
1 Flat Adhesive Mount
1 Curved Adhesive Mount

The mount needs to be removed from the clip to allow the GoPro to be inserted. Once attached back onto the clip base the mount locks the camera nice and securely.

The mount doesn’t provide any real protection to the camera so is best used in low risk situations. I reckon it would be ideal in situations like shooting within a car or a similar situation.


  1. xavier

    I just got the frame yesterday and Im having some funky issues with mic static when using the frame. Do you have these issues also? Try recoding in a quiet place and see if there is a difference in the sound with and without the frame.


    • admin

      Never really relied on the camera for sound as usually use a song for the video. I’ll check it out though.

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