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GoPro Hero3+ (Plus) Black Edition – First Look

Well here it is, the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition. In this Black Edition – First Look we will look at the camera itself, supplied accessories and initial impressions.

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The camera comes supplied in the standard GoPro packaging. Included in the package is the camera, wifi remote, USB leads for both the camera and remote, a skeleton back door and a couple of sticky mounts (one curved, one flat).

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As thought the form factor of the actual camera remains the same. The Hero 3 will fit in the Hero 3+ case and vice versa. Visibly there is little difference between the cameras, although you can tell that the lens is different.

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The biggest physical change is in the case. It is much smaller with a lower profile clasp. It doesn’t have the lock like the previous case but the clasp is quite low profile and looks as if it would be difficult to knock or catch. I have found that the clasp is pretty tough and can be difficult to release. I suspect there will be knack to getting it done, but I am actually reassured by the fact that it doesn’t just pop off.

The changes in the case make the whole unit much lighter. The lens area is much smaller and is fastened to the case from the inside rather than from the exterior. This means that changing the panel will be possible if it were to get scratched or damaged in any other way.

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All of the bacpacs that I own (LCD and Battery) fit without issue and however the rear door of the cases is not the same. This means that I need another floaty back door. Having spent a small fortune on Hero3 backpacs, I am glad I am able to use them on the 3+ however the back panel (door) on the Hero 3 and Hero 3+ cases are different so cannot be swapped around. I am therefore at a loss on how I can use my accessories with the Hero 3+ unless I use the older Hero 3 case.


But what is quite clear is that the lens/button covers for the Hero 3 case will not fit the Hero3+. The buttons on the case are a much lower profile and are much easier to use but as a result the lens/button cover will not fit.

The choice of SD card remains the same – SD card suggestions right here.


  1. Graeme

    The first thing I noticed when my 3+ arrived today is that the buttons feel more sturdy. You don’t need multiple presses for it to register like on my old Hero 3. It makes it feel more could and better quality.

  2. Daniel Jones

    I wouldn’t consider upgrading. It’s nice that they have removed some of the weight and profile form the case, but the actual camera isn’t much different. The Superview and Auto low-light aren’t really worth the upgrade, however they have released some nice looking mounts

    • Unsponsored

      I’ve been using the Superview setting since getting the camera and I quite like the shooting angle. It’s a nice change from the usual GP shots I have seen.

  3. Unsponsored

    Have you tried your new mount out yet?

    • Daniel Jones

      Yeah, it’s really quite awesome and flexible. This is something I believe is lacking in the standard GoPro mounts. While I love my GoPro and what I can do with it, a lot of the mounts are expensive for what they do, and there are more versatile mounts, like the mount star, that can do it better. Hopefully i’ll be able to upload some video footage from it in the near future

  4. Adam

    Hi, cheers for the review. You say the lens/button cap doesn’t fit the new hero3+ but does the lens cap for the naked gopro fit?

    • Unsponsored

      The lens cap does fit the naked GoPro. I have bought a pack directly off GoPro and the new pack has the kit that will fit the new GoPro3+. It also comes with a lens protector (bit like a UV camera filter) to protect the naked GoPro if being used.

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