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Hercules Auto-Swivel Yoke Hanger – First Look

We have a couple of the Hercules Auto-Swivel Yoke Hangers in for review at Unsponsored. These units are designed to hold guitars but I had seen them used by Werner a few years back at PaddleExpo. If they can hold a bass guitar they can handle a paddle.

Hercules Auto-Swivel Yoke Hanger

The HERCULES Auto-Swivel Yoke Hanger GSP38WB rotates automatically to accommodate different shaped guitars or basses vertically and safely. It features an attractive wood base for home or studio use.

As you might imagine I have a fair bit of paddling gear. Out of it all paddles are the hardest to store safely. I have both left and right handed paddles at Unsponsored HQ and they tend not to play nicely with one another when stored. Yes, you can stick them in the corner but once you have quite a few they conspire to move and often fall over. I have been using some simple hooks for the last few years but the paddle collection has grown and has become disorganised.

Hercules Auto-Swivel Yoke Hanger

The Auto-Swivel Yoke has an auto grip system. essentially when load two plastic arms fold down trapping the paddle shaft. When the paddle is lifted up the arms swing clear allowing the paddle to be removed. There seems to be a fair bit of adjustment in the system and I reckon they look OK too.

I need to figure out where I will be placing these as if they work out I’ll be after a few more.


Arm Length: 105 mm (4.1″)
Load Capacity: 7 kg (15.4 lbs.)

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