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Knots You Should Know

Number 1:

Double Fishermans






Joining ropes, joining cord abseil and prusik loops

Number 2:

Tape/Water Knot





Joining climbing tape

What other knots would you suggest?


  1. Hauke

    I prefer using small slings instead of knoted rope for prusiks. It is quicker and also versatile. From this point, I think knots for connecting a rope to fixed point (bowline, figure of eight) are one of the more important ones.
    It also comes handy, to know how to build up a truckers hitch without any carabiners or pulleys.

  2. A93h201

    Figure eight, clove hitch, no knot, bowline

  3. Daniel Jones

    Check out , they provide animations which you can slow down, YouTube videos, text descriptions, and they organise knots based on what activity you’re doing, a fantastic resource!

  4. Stuart Robinson

    figure of 8 through (more secure than a bowline I think which is why I use it in the bottom of my throw bag)
    main thing to learn is not knots as such but why and where to use them like vector pulls using the prussic. it’s one being able to make a prussic but knowing what to do with it is another

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