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Kokatat’s New Two Piece Dry Suit


It’s always good to see a company take an alternative approach to a problem. Kokatat have down just that with the Idol dry suit. Essenstially the Idol is a two piece suit that is a joined by a waterproof zip that circumnavigates the waist of the suit. This means that the top could be used as a dry top or used in conjunction with the bottoms to form a complete suit. A great idea.


Check out this video from Rapid Media showing a run down of the features on the Kokatat Idol.


  1. kayakjournal

    It’s a great idea, but I just wish that Kokatat would get better at colour coordination and choice!

    • kayakbenny

      Get it Custom Built and choose your Color!

    • Waterproof

      I agree; the colors are awful and custom built add to the cost. I’m just going to wait till the colors are better to make the switch. Something I like about this is that it help being “minimalist” but still remain versatile and ready for everything. It’s hard to be minimalist when you have so many watersports as a hobby… I wonder if the zipper closer system is bothering when on the tummy as I like to do on the sailboat and surf.

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