After a couple of hours of paddling today I spied my HF Weasel Throwbag in the back of the car and had an idea. What if I attached my GoPro to the bag, what kind of footage could I get?

So…one Mount Star mount and a couple of zip ties later:

unsponsored_gopro_HF 1

unsponsored_gopro_HF 2

unsponsored_gopro_HF 3

The HF Weasel Throwbag is such an awesome bit of kit.

Would I use this setup during a real rescue? No, but it was a good little experiment this PM.

I just love the view looking back along the line.

The video was shot at 960p and 100fps on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Editing was carried out using iMovie. The video below shows what happens when the video is put into slow motion at 12.5% of its original speed.

Throwline from Unsponsored on Vimeo.

This is the same video but the slow motion has been set to 25% of the videos original speed.

Throwline2 from Unsponsored on Vimeo.